House of Sacrifice Church, Inc.

House of Sacrifice Church, Inc. House of Sacrifice Church, Inc. House of Sacrifice Church, Inc.

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HSC Community Outreach

And the Lord appeared to Solomon by night and said to him: I have heard your prayer and have chosen this place for Myself as a house of sacrifice.  2 Chr. 7:12

Welcome to House of Sacrifice Church, Inc.  We thank you for visiting us, and we ask for God's blessings upon you.  You will find out more about the church, such as services, calendar of events, and history.


Helping people live life better today through the love of Jesus Christ by providing to those in need as Christ provided to those in spiritual and physical need.






Church History

In 1982, Sister Daisy Bearden began instructing fellow believers in Jesus Christ at Saturday night bible Study in her home.  This instruction continued for several years.  The love of God drew many people from various backgrounds and denominations to this study.  As the Spririt of God moved, people received salvation and spiritual freedom.

On May 21, 1995, the Lord called Pastor Daisy Bearden into the ministry full-time.  To many, the post of a pastor is difficult, but she accepted her calling wholeheartedly.  Her faithfulness and honesty has encouraged the lives of both believers and non-believers.  The Lord has blessed her with diverse spiritual gifts. She feeds the hungry spiritually and naturally, and the souls of the lost are claimed.

She leads a non-denominational church that teaches the movement of the five-fold ministry.  House of Sacrifice Church, Inc. welcomes people of all ethnic groups and religious faiths.  Pastor Bearden firmly believes in teaching God's people foundational truths that will sustain their strength.  Pastor Bearden has instructed many in the ways of the Lord.  Individuals that attend are taught how to stand storng in the midst of opposition and how to be blessed of God.  Pastor Bearden continuously encourages individuals to continue in the knowledge and wisdom they have acquired and most importantly to share it with others.

In 1996, HSC Community Outreach was birthed.  It was formed to meet the rising needs of people as a result of unemployment, declining family structure, homelessness, and many other less fortunate situations.  The programs offered have assisted many in Wisconsin and Illinois that were in need of help.

Pastor Bearden's faith in God continues to produce the Fruit of the Spirit.


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